Hi All, Please excuse my ignorance! :)

I'm a researcher at the Human Media Lab at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  We are working on a project, that involves a flexible Zytronic Touchscreen and an Android cell phone.  I need to interface the screen with the phone.  Unfortunately Zytronic only supports Windows and Linux, and to top it off, even if I could get the touchscreen to work with Android, I'm already using the USB port to output to HDMI.

So I need to come up with a solution that involves connecting the touchscreen to a Linux device, and then communicating the x-y events from Linux to the android device.  

Also, size is a factor.  So that's why I'm looking at Gumstix.  Oh yah. Time is also a problem. I need everything in place for February 1st.

Connectivity between the Gumstix and Android will be done using Bluetooth or 802.11, and I need a USB OTG/Host connection to connect to the Zytronics controller.

So, from the product page, it looks like I'll need a Tobi Expansion board, and Overo Air or Fire board, and the relavent connectors.

Am I going on the right path? Could you give me some assistance here?

Time is of the essense, and I'd like to order something in the next day or two.  

If a phone call would be better to discuss, let me know, I just need to get something going. :)

Thank you,

Aaron Visser
Human Media Lab
Queens University
Kingston, Ontario