Howdy folks,

Just coming to terms with yocto and simultaneously testing out a Waterstorm I just received. One or two questions:

1) SoC in my WaterStorm is a DaVinci. When I set up my config for yocto I get a default machine of 'overo'. When I build things using the stable branch, I get a kernel (3.5.0) generated with CONFIG_ARCH_OMAP, rather than CONFIG_ARCH_DAVINCI, and all the associated OMAP stuff. Surely there should be an option for the DAVINCI stuff? I mean, I can manually edit my defconfig, but maybe I am missing the point here. I know things will work pretty much using an OMAP config, but they're not identical things...

Is there a different machine specifier for the storm series? 

2) What is the recommended way to change cpu frequency in these newer kernels? I have, historically, used an mpurate arg to the kernel. Is this still OK, or should I be invoking a governor?