I had to patch Steve's image to get those other lines to work, just FYI, but that was a little while back that I based my image on (Nov last year, maybe?) - I am sure the new head is fine.

RE absolute maximum; you have to read the TPS65950 technical manual. If you apply more than 2.5V, from memory, all bets are off. While you may lose some resolution, leaving yourself some safety margin would be a good idea...

One thing I haven't checked with my latest HW is whether ADCIN7 still floats around 1.4V.  I had a suspicion that perhaps it wasn't muxed out properly (I don't remember which adcin lines on the tps can be reconfigured, but 7 sounds suspiciously familiar).  

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 7:38 PM, MiLo <mike.looijmans@topic.nl> wrote:
I have the same issue, only inputs 2 and 7 work, input 3 try 6 always display
"21" regardless of what I connect them to.

My kernel is  based on the current omap-3.0-pm head,
f77d38b6ccbd9cb1e4e5fe92f7dd939b9f6f86d9 to be exact.

The patch you mentioned that enables these inputs is indeed in the
twl4030-madc.c file.

I take it that the "no reply here" means that the original poster just gave

In addition to your patch, I also added the platform_data to the board file
as described above, otherwise the driver won't load.

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