Hi Kris,

Can you ever recover these cards?

Power failures are bad news for a system that is not battery backed up. If you're writing to your SD card when it loses power, the file system could be in all sorts of odd states after the system restarts. 

There are various ways to deal with this sort of thing:

1) Use a more robust file system or journalling mode on your existing file system.
2) Have a read-only partition that contains the meat and potatoes of the operating system, and a writeable partition that you don't care if it gets nuked (can always be repaired later).
3) Develop a battery backed system that it is impossible to have a catastrophic power loss on.
4) Combination of the above.

Really, it all depends on my first question; are the cards actually toast physically, or just at a file system level?



On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 8:58 AM, kris duff <t_dufff@yahoo.ca> wrote:

I'm working on gumstix platform and I uses a sdcard to store everything (from the OS up to the data).

The memory card I uses is a kingston sdhc 8GB class 10.

Sometimes, after a power failure I see that the gumstix is not able to boot anymore.  The memory card is corrupted/died. The memory card is not recognizable from any PC after this problem.

Am I the only one having this kind of problem ? I have 3 or 4 dead cards. They fail after anywhere between 24h to 1 month.

Thank you


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