Howdy Michal,

You want to count the pulses and generate pulses? I'd use the OMAP PWM lines.  You can either generate pulses using PWM mode, or use capture-compare mode to count things up.

Scott Ellis has some how-tos here:

Good luck!



On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 9:55 AM, Mipo01 <> wrote:
i am working on project and one of the part is to controlling the linear
actuator from LINAK. Basically the concept is that we have 4 wires when two
of them are for powering the motor and two are the relative output in form
of few pulses per revolution.
Now iam able to control motor with H-bridge but i am trying to figure out
how to read the output to determine where exaclty we are with actuator.
So I would like to ask for some suggestion how approach could be the fastest
and most simple to implement to have smallest delay between reading feedback
and controlling motor.

Thank you very much.


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