Hi Support,

We are trying to use a Caspa on an Overo COM for several weeks without success.

We follow a process that we found in your wiki (http://wiki.gumstix.org/index.php?title=Caspa_camera_boards) but we still have errors: sometimes it says /dev/video0 is null, sometimes it says it is not possible to access it for reading or writing.

On the boot sequence of the gumstix we can see a strange message. He say that the camera is connected but she's not working (We do the test with 2 different capsa camera). 

The camera is always linked to the Overo before booting. We try with both mplayer and gst-launch programs.


First, we do our tests with the kernel 3.0.0, and then we try with 2.6.34 (as request in the wiki). We do not even find the driver for this second version.

So can you explain us where are we mistaken and what is to good process (with detailed steps) to follow?

We are waiting for your quick answer.