boot.scr is a script consumed by the gumstix bootloader (u-boot). It runs commands that have been defined and implemented inside that bootloader. I am not aware of cases where it can run programs from a file system (I might be wrong!). If you don't feel like rebuilding your kernel or your bootloader, then it will be difficult to start the watchdog. Note there might be somewhere out there who has implemented this feature in u-boot and could help.
Then the rest of your idea is realistic. You can write a small application that pets the watchdog regularly once fs is mounted.

As far as TWL4030 watchdog vs main processor is concerned, if I remember well, you can't disable TWL4030 watchdog. It means that once you have enabled it, you need to pet it until you power off your device. If your device runs off battery, this could be a problem as you would need to wake it up just to pet TWL4030 watchdog.

hope this helps

2013/1/30 deekay <>
As I have understood, it is possible to write scripts in boot.scr. Can it be solved in this way: - A standalone program/module is created and saved in the file system. This program access the WDT (watchdog) hardware and perhaps has some arguments for feeding the dog etc. - The above program is accessed from boot.scr during boot-up, and starts/initiates the WDT. - Once the fs is mounted and all other things are up and running, the program above can be used as WDT feeder by an application. Is the above scenario realistic? Again, my idea is to not re-build any kernel och u-boot etc. Has any ony done anything similar or have ideas on hotwo do this, please give me hints

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