In addition to what Martin said, if you know on which I2C bus the decoder is connected to, you could go and check what devices are listed on that bus:
Let's say TVP514x is on I2C-3, you can do the following:
$ cd /sys/class/i2c-dev/i2c-3/device
$ ls

If TVP514x has been successfully registered, you should be able to see stg like "3-00YY", where YY is the TVP I2C address in hex.

But from what I can read, you are missing some information. First, your board file (board-overo.c) should list your I2C device as Martin mentioned, and second, you should declare some "platform_data". You can check how it is done in this file:


2013/2/13 <geoff@thebakershome.net>

  I have been working with the gumstix board for a few months now with the
goal of interfacing with a TVP514x series video input IC.

  The IC is installed onto a board from econsystems:


  I am working with yocto and the latest kernel within. I have a build
working now that has DSP support, TVP514x drivers in the kernel, and
this all tests well.

  The next step is to enable the TVP514x device over I2C and setup the V4L
interface. From what I have read it appears that media-ctl can
initialize this interface, so I added this to my recipie. However
media-ctl does not show the TVP device on its listing and gives errors
when I try to initialize.

  My next thought is to perform some I2C debugging to ensure that the
device is talking. I tried this using u-boot but I am not certain of
what I should read from the IC.

  Last night I started reading the code in board-overo.c and noticed that
it initializes some devices (even over I2C), so I ask, do I need to
author support in board-overo.c for the TVP514x device, or is there
something else that I am missing?

  Can anyone help by providing debug commands that I could use to work
through what is happening and what needs to be done next?

Thank-you very much,

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