Hi all,

I'm trying to develop a simple DSP driver for OMAP3530 Overo board. The only functionality for this HelloWorld stage is to set up Mailbox and can let ARM and DSP interchange message using interrupt. Or even simpler, let DSP modify a memory location and ARM should be able to see the change.
The purpose for it is to study the device driver development and other general OS knowledge. I've looked at some of the DSPLink source code, but it is way too complicated for my purpose. 
The current question I have is how to correctly boot DSP? BootMode is set to 0 ,and BootAddress I plan to make it somewhere between 254M-256M,( I set bootarg mem=254M).
Can I just drop a DSP executable in that BootAddress?

https://github.com/pacew/armdsp This project, although on OMAP L138,  gave me some directions but I have no idea on that "vecs.asm" and other AIS related files. And I assume this "armdsp-link.cmd" also related with DSP boot.
I have some basic kernel level experience and have used DSP before (pure algorithm). Any hint or advice is appreciated. 

Airie Zhou