Hi Casey.

I did nearly the same with my USB2.0  hub that has a Standard B receptacle for the 'uplink' port.  I wanted to connect it to the OTG on the Tobi board as the other USB interface was not working on my Tobi.  I purchased the USB mini A to mini B cable from Gumstix, but still needed to interwork it to either the hub, or the cable (B-plug to A-plug) that came with the USB hub.

I purchased an adapter from amazon.com / SF cables.  In my case, it was a Standard A receptacle to mini USB B Receptacle adapter.

The hub worked fine using this connection topology.

SF cables seems to have quite an array of USB adapters, and at least in my case, they shipped pretty quickly.  I hope this doesn't come off as an 'ad'.  It took me several hours (and one misguided attempt to hack/solder my own cable) to figure out what I needed to buy... just thought I would share the info so that it might benefit someone else on the mail list.

Good luck!

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 6:55 PM, Casey St.Fleur <casey.stfleur@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey guy,

I received got Tobi and Overo fire modules today so I am looking
forward to developing my first project with them . I have a USB hub
that I would like to connect to the Tobi but it is a USB 1.1 hub.
Since it is only a full speed device I know I need to connect it to
the USB OTG port of the Tobi board. I also purchases the USB mini A to
mini B cable from Gumstix. The problem I am running into is that the
(powered) USB hub that I have  has a standard A connector on it, so i
need either a mini B to standard A receptacle, or many a OTG mini A to
standard A receptacle cable. My question is do you guys know of any
such cable. I've been able to find one online that i feel confident

Thanks in Advance,

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