On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Chris Whittenburg <whittenburg@gmail.com> wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with
a recent kernel?

>From what I can tell, you need the libertas thin firmware to get AP
mode.  But the libertas_tf support in recent kernels, (3.5), doesn't
support sdio connections.

Has anyone ported the old libertas_tf sdio support into a more recent
kernel?  Is there any interest in working on this?

I need to take a gumstix outside to do some field work soon.  I have a web interface that I can call up on a tablet or phone.

It would be possible for me to tether everything from my phone and use that as the wifi AP, but I don't want that dependency force-built into the system and I don't need wide world internet access.

For the short term, I'll probably bring an old wifi router out with me so all my wireless devices can see each other through that.

But for the longer term, I'd really love to get more information on how to setup the gumstix itself as a wifi access point.  That would be sweet and would save me having to haul, setup, and power a lot of extra gear that I shouldn't really need.  (And for myself I wouldn't need to route to an upstream internet connection)


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