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I've interfaced a VN-100 using a UART with a different processor, not a
Gumstix. It was a while ago, but if I remember right, VectorNav provides a
good ANSI C reference driver along with math libraries and so on-- check the
bottom of [1] and the "Embedded Firmware Library User Manual" at [2]. There
are some blanks to fill in in the code, but the documentation is actually
pretty good. It was too long ago for me to remember many details, but there
you have it.

As long as you have your UART or SPI bus working (and with the appropriate
level shifters), you should be all set.

[1] http://www.vectornav.com/products/vn100-rug?id=78
[2] http://www.vectornav.com/products/vn100-rug?id=55

I'll second that.  The uart interface is really straightforward.  From my experience, I would suggest using that unless you have a very compelling reason you must use SPI.  If you start with the uart interface and your life will be much easier.  I've implemented the SPI interface as well, but it involved an awful lot of work and learning and experimentation (for me) to get up to speed on many of the subtle performance and timing nuances of doing SPI in Linux not to mention tearing my hear out for quite a while over some basic hardware connectivity and level shifting issues (buying bus pirate to debug, etc. etc.)  It was one of those situations where I had to learn and figure out really much more than I wanted to about SPI.  You are dealing then with kernel space vs. user space and bottlenecks and performance issues start popping up all over the place.  I'd say more, but all this happened > 6 months ago so this is about all I remember without going back and digging through code and hardware again.  Scott @ jumpnowtek.com provides some marvelous SPI tutorials so that's where I'd suggest you start if you ignore my first advice about sticking with the uart interface. :-)


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