Since there hasn't been any replies to my specific question, maybe I can re-ask a slightly different way?  I have a usb wifi device I'd like to run from my overo.  It works on my fedora desktop system.  However, the drivers are not built by default in the sakoman r13 v3.0.0 kernel.  I need the ath9k_htc drivers.  I think I see a reference to those in the 3.0.0 kernel config.  I think (I hope!) the drivers are included in the 3.0.0 kernel or the 3.2 kernel so at this point I don't care either way which one I use, but I'd like to rebuild the kernel with the needed drivers included, or build just the driver modules I need (?)

In the old default gumstix OpenEmbedded system with bitbake, I was able to rebuild the kernel 2.6 and had that figured out, but that was quite a while ago now.

What do I need to do to rebuild the kernel (or just the modules I need) in the sakoman system?  Are there any short cuts or docs?

Do I need to start from scratch and recompile the entire sakoman r13 + gnome distribution from source?

Is there a way to streamline that and just build the kernel and not the whole rootfs from source?

Can I do this with the native development system onboard the overo or do I need to cross compile from my linux pc host?

I run Fedora here.  Most of the "from scratch" instructions presume Ubuntu -- is that a requirement for doing any or all of this?

I can probably figure out quite a bit on my own, but I'm hoping someone can just nudge me in the right starting direction here and tell me that the shortest path to building a new kernel for sakoman r13 is to do XYZ, and hopefully I can take it from there with minimal hand holding.  I'd like to avoid having to compile the entire shooting match from scratch if I can, but if I must, then maybe someone can at least tell me that so I don't waste time looking for shortcuts that don't exist?

Thanks!  (And I apologize in advance if these are dumb questions and I've just missed all the documentation -- but in that case please could someone point me to the appropriate documentation?)


On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Curtis Olson <> wrote:
I've started looking around for info on running the 3.2 kernel with the sakoman r13 system and I don't see much (or maybe nothing) on the sakoman site about this.  I can't find any packages in opkg list that relate to the 3.2 kernel.  Are there any instructions posted somewhere that I'm missing?

I see bits and blurbs about compiling a 3.2 kernel in the mailing list archives when I google, but it's been longer than 6 months since I've tried to build the linux kernel so I've forgotten most of what I knew about that.  Most of what I've found is references to people getting 3.2 running or trying to, but nothing about how to do it?

Are there any instructions posted anywhere for getting the 3.2 kernel going on a sakoman r13 system?


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