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Here is what I think is happening:


You are using the wrong mini-USB cable L That confused me at first …

You need the mini-A to mini-B cable I gave the part number for.

I missed that bit of information.  What was the part number you are referencing?  Is mini-A and mini-B plug compatible?

This is a “special” cable that tells the OTG port to switch modes. The hubs I suggested have mini-USB input ports on them.

I guess I didn't see that either, what hubs are suggested?  The hub suggested on the wiki is a broken link.

That is how you connect keyboards and what not to the Overo (Per the WiKI). The hub should have EXTERNAL power. (per the WiKI)

I thought I did a pretty extensive search for USB on the wiki, what are the wiki links that explain all this?  I've happily had keyboard and mouse connected via my 4-port hub through the USB-HOST port.

As far as I know you should be able to just connect your USB-A to Mini-B cable from the Tobi Console connector to your PC

and it should just work. Windows and Linux will install a ‘virtual’ serial port. Linux will call it “TTYx” or something. It depends on you

flavor of Linux. My windows Xp system wanted a special driver. I can tell you where to down load it …

If the Tobi isn’t detected by the Operating system, just unplug the USB connector and plug it in again.

Yup, the console usb port works fine ... I've been using that all along.  The tobi has a built in serial->usb converter to expose ttyS2 which is a nice convenience feature.

You realize that you need the “Desktop Image” to use the keyboard, mouse, etc connected to the hub. The Overo ships

with a “Console” image. Which uses the Console USB port on the Overo.

I'm using a console image now ... this system will run headless ... but I should be able to at least detect that devices are connected and disconnected, right?  I'm trying to keep this simple and get down to basics.  What can or should the port be able to do.  So far I have been unable to see any devices connected to it.  Where on the wiki is this documented?  I've looked (I thought pretty carefully) and have completely missed anything that talks about this.


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