On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 9:35 PM, adam.yh.lee <adam.yh.lee@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everybody :)

A new version of YoctoProject Meta-Gumstix BSP layer has been made public.
It is currently running on Kernel 3.5. There are console version and XFCE
desktop version.  Depending on your need, you can start from either one.

The current stable version is developed to be compatible with YoctoProject
Poky version 'Denzil' 7.

More information is available  here

Please feel free to participate and make contributions. Also ideas and
suggestions are appreciated.

Hi Adam,

I have a procedural question.  How do I track your upstream build/layout/packaging/patch changes in my own build tree?

I can go to ${path}/Gumstix-YoctoProject-Repo/ and run git pull there.

Then is the proper procedure to cd to my $path/yocto/ directory and run "repo sync", followed by bitbake {image}


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