I am running the Sakoman gnome r13 distribution here with the default 3.0.0 kernel.  I have a netgear usb wifi adapter "N150".  When I plug it into my desktop linux box (kernel 3.5.x, Fedora 17) it comes right up and works.  Looks like the ath9k_htc driver is the one that gets loaded for this device.

I'd love to use this device on my gumstix overo setup, but this driver doesn't seem to be a part of the default sakoman build nor can I see it as part of any of the add on packages (opkg list/search)

I just started using the sakoman system, so I don't know where to find anything yet.  Is this driver available any where?  Is there a reasonable path to get this going?  Are there instructions for rebuilding the kernel for the sakoman system or (better yet) just building specific drivers.  It looks (?) like the ath9k_htc driver was part of the 3.0.0 kernel, but just didn't get built for the sakoman system?

Can anyone give me a hint or nudge in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Curtis Olson:
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