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I’m SO sorry Curtis;


I think I must have confused you with someone else L

Ok. Here is the info I sent them …


USB Hubs that work for me:        Belkin    F5U700-blk         – 7 port hub

                                                                Belkin    F5U403-blk         - 4 port hub


The 7 port hub had trouble powering high power devices (Alpha WiFi adapter).

Hi Bill, I appreciate your responses, but when I look up these devices I don't see any evidence that they are externally powered.  Have you been able to use the USB-*OTG* port on the Tobi without an externally powered HUB?


 Mini-A to Mini-B cable:                  Digikey Part#: H2956-ND

As best as I can see from the digikey web site, this is a straight pass through Mini-B to Mini-B cable.

You referenced "per the wiki" several times in your previous email, but I can't find wiki information on any of this.  Does anyone have the wiki links that I'm missing?  Do they exist?  I'd certainly prefer to work carefully through documentation versus flounder around on the email lists chasing down a variety of random and sometimes conflicting/confusing suggestions.


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