I've run up against a problem here and have tried everything I can think of, but I can't manage to make my overo boot from onboard flash/nand and I'm hoping someone can't point out what I'm missing.

I have built a stock image from the yocto tree following the basic procedure outlined here and all the build steps completed successfully:


I am able to create a bootable microsd card following the basic procedure outlined here:


I am able to boot from the microsd built with the kernel, rootfs, u-boot, and MLO out of my build/tmp/deploy/images/overo/ directory.  So far everything seems good, except ...

Now I want to write my new (working) images to flash/nand and boot without the microsd card.

I followed the basic procedure outlined here:


But I get an immediate error with u-boot and it doesn't properly load/run.  I then hunted around and found an alternate set of instructions to write u-boot to nand:


After this u-boot is happy.  However when u-boot tries to load the kernel it spews a bunch of "Error: Bad compare! failed" messages and eventually gives up.  The Sakoman site also has similar instructions for installing the kernel, so I tried following those alternate instructions, but with no good result.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing here?  I'm not a complete novice and have successfully reflashed nand images last fall, but it seems like quite a bit has changed in the yocto tree and what I did before isn't working now.

This is an earlier overo, does that make a difference?  But it is booting fine with all the latest stuff as long as I boot from a microsd card. I just can't fine the magic to make this work in order to boot directly from flash/nand.


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