Just a suggestion that this could make a nice wiki article: how to minimize boot times.  Running a stock console image here I was estimating my boot was 40-45 seconds.  Some of that time involves network dhcp negotiations and I have wifi turned on for bench testing, so I could get it faster without too much thought on my end.  But it would be great to have a list of things that could be trimmed off with their corresponding time savings.  Something along the lines of:

If you don't use feature/driver X, then you can disable startup script or module Y (and here is how), and this will save you Z seconds on boot.



On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:45 AM, dtran11 wrote:

I would also like to add that out of the total 10 second boot time, 5 seconds
of that is taken by x-load and u-boot.

dtran11 wrote:
> I am currently using an Overo Earth and would like to know what people are
> getting as their total boot time from power on to the login screen. My
> boot time is about 10 seconds and I would like to get it down even lower.
> My settings are listed below. Please list your times and what you did to
> achieve those timings.
> Thanks
> My settings:
>     Overo Earth
>     Not using NAND, all in SD card
>     x-load 1.5
>     U-Boot 2011.03
>     3.0.0-pm kernel
>     Kernel size: 1.9MB
>     No Display
>     No udev
>     Removed startup scripts:  S10checkroot, S20syslog, S03udev,
> S12udev-cache
>     boot time: 10 seconds

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