I've received some modules with the same defect: the only (and best) solution, to me, is to ask Gumstix to change them.


2013/1/31 Jeff DeFouw <jeffd@grtavionics.com>
On 1/31/2013 2:24 PM, Curtis Olson wrote:
> I have an Overo here: GS3703E-R3577 and the little spring loaded sd card
> holder no longer catches and holds the micro sd card in.  I can push the card
> in, and the spring just pushes it right back out.  The mechanism never
> clicks/latches and thus the card can't snap in.  This is frustrating because
> it's otherwise a perfectly good overo that's rendered useless probably by a
> bent pin or weak spring or something?  Has any one run into this before and
> come up with any fixes or solutions or work arounds?

I just got one on a Water that broke after only one or two inserts.  My older
Overo batches have a different slot where you can see the locking mechanism
working, but in the latest ones it's hidden.  Through one of the openings on
the top, I can see what looks like a loose or broken part sticking out.  I
don't see any way to easily fix it or lock it and this one is still under

Jeff DeFouw <jeffd@grtavionics.com>
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