This is driving me crazy.  It seems that a clean build of just the omap3-console-image builds the recipe.  The u-boot recipe causes u-boot-2011.09 to be built.  The driver for the SMSC chips gets patched to include support for the LAN9221 chip, an the wired ethernet port on the Tobi board works as expected.

However, when everything is cleaned out, and I build the following recipe,, which is a basic image that includes the TI modules,
  task-gstreamer-ti \
  ti-codec-engine \
  ti-dmai \
  ti-dspbios \
  ti-dsplib \
  ti-dsplink \
  ti-dsplink-module \
  ti-cmem-module \
The u-boot version that is built with bitbake u-boot-omap3 is a 2008.10+r2 version that is missing the patch to include the SMSC LAN9221 chip.  Where can I just apply the patch to fix the LAN9221 it in the 2008 version?  There are a million things in the u-boot recipe folder.