Hi all,
my current setup is FireSTORM on TOBI expansion board. I've plugged a CASPA FS camera and followed instruction on the wiki page. I'm currently using uImgae, rootfs and module provided by: cumulus.gumstix.org/images/angstrom/misc/caspapx/
The system boots up fine, but the camera doesn't work and I got this error message when I modprobe mt9v032 module:

root@overo:~# modprobe mt9v032
mt9v032 3-005c: color sensor
mt9v032 3-005c: hflip=0 vflip=0 auto_gain=1 auto_exp=1 hdr=1 low_light=0
mt9v032 3-005c: unable to detect mt9v032 sensor

I also have a red led on. 
Thanks to anyone can help.