Masters, I was out all these days,

I have raised a lot of posts regarding this AP on Gumstix issue before this.. I'm sure there is no help.. I'm already working on this..
I have setup whole of the OE to work on this, and have made a post on this too,
Recently Gumstix made linaro available, I have to yet check out that image if AP works out-of-the-box..

Otherwise, we have to write the drivers for it. I CAN WORK FULL TIME ON IT. I only require guidance.
There is already a clue telling that AP mode (libertas-tf sdio) drivers are available in the old kernels, from what Chris says,

I need AP mode on gumstix overo-fire, for two projects. I have a total of 7 overos waiting.
Sudhangathan BS
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On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 1:39 AM, Chris Whittenburg <> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Chris Whittenburg
<> wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with the gumstix wifi in AP mode with
> a recent kernel?
> From what I can tell, you need the libertas thin firmware to get AP
> mode.  But the libertas_tf support in recent kernels, (3.5), doesn't
> support sdio connections.
> Has anyone ported the old libertas_tf sdio support into a more recent
> kernel?  Is there any interest in working on this?

I didn't receive any responses about this specific topic, so I'm
assuming its still an open issue.

Is there anyone who would like to work on this as a sponsored project?

It seems fairly straight forward to port the old thinfirmware sdio
driver to the 3.5 kernel, but I don't really have the time.


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