Can you tell me how did you do that..? Which environment (make, Open-Embedded, yocto)..? how did you compile the drivers..?

Sudhangathan BS
Ph:(+91) 9731-905-205

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 11:41 PM, Chris Whittenburg <> wrote:
I ported the libertas_tf sdio driver to the 3.5 kernel, and it works
ok as an access point, but I'm getting really slow throughput.

Using iperf (tcp mode), I get around 2 Mbps one direction and 600 Kbps
the other direction.

I also had to make changes to support async firmware loading, but I
verified those changes aren't causing the slow rates.

Not sure what the reason would be.  I watch the cpu, and it's not
pegged during the tests.

The XO seemed to get similar numbers--

I'm working on submitting a patch is others want to try the
thinfirmware on 3.5 kernel.


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