I still have an old Linaro image on my card (Ubuntu 11.05), and I
did quite a bit with it when I was messing with it.

It looks like I was thinking of /etc/network/if-up.d, but I don't have
anything related to DHCP in there. I'll poke around when I'm
less tired to see if I can find it.

IIRC, either /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf or the command line sets a PID
filename that is then used to control its behavior. If you want to know
exactly how it was invoked, one method is to examine /proc/$PID/cmdline
and perhaps grep for fragments of the arguments. I think that's how I
found it last time.

As for the rogue client being cured on reboot, I don't think that the 
network upstart script actually kills dhclient via the pidfile. The config
change should be sufficient now that you've rebooted.

Sorry I was less help than I hoped to be.


On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:02 PM, Ross Berteig <Ross@cheshireeng.com> wrote:
On 7/27/2013 8:34 PM, Jonathan Kunkee wrote:
> Having had some...fun debugging DHCP, it might be useful to know that Ubuntu
> (and so probably Debian) execute dhclient from the ifup-related scripts
> depending on
> the contents of /etc/network/interfaces. It's not a top-level init script.

I had some confusion here when I edited /etc/network/interfaces to
convert eth0 from DHCP to a static IP, and then used
"/etc/init.d/networking restart" to attempt to make the change happen.
That apparently worked, except that the IP address of my AirSTORM would
change back to a DHCP pool address after a random interval.

It turned out that /etc/init.d/networking had never actually killed
dhclient, which apparently put the address back on some unknown
condition about 5 hours or so later. It happened twice before I noticed
the process and wondered. Rebooting cured it.
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