I am creating a proof of concept for 7 Gumstix Overos connected on a Stagecoach expansion board.  I have a PC connected to the Stagecoach over Ethernet.  I have seven USB devices, one device for each Stagecoach mini-AB USB port.  I'd like to send packets from the PC to each Gumstix using dynamic IP addressing.  I don't want the Stagecoach expansion board to have a static IP address, and I don't want each Gumstix to have a static IP address.  Is this possible?

The Stagecoach will be connected to my PC, and the PC will send packets to the Stagecoach over TCP/IP.  The PC will send packets to the Stagecoach's IP address, which I assume is set in the Windows network configuration.  Is this a static IP address?  Where is this value stored?  Can I change this address?  Is it safe to say that this is the IP address of the Micrel switch?

Once the Micrel switch receives the packets, then how does it know which Gumstix to send the packets to?  Does each Gumstix have its own IP address?  Can I change these addresses? 


-Louis Morda