I just realized that opkg update is not working either.  I am getting the same error messages as the other user posting problems with opkg... I am also running angstrom v2.39 with overo air.

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Lou Morda <lmorda81@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm having an internet connection problem with opkg.  Every package install gives me "Unknown package" error.  I have an overo air connected via a stagecoach.  I'm running angstrom 2.39 and I updated opkg with opkg update.  I'm connected to the internet and I can browse the web in midori. 

I have an overo and a fedora machine connected to a wireless bridge both with ethernet cables.  I am not using the overo wlan0.  The wireless bridge is connected to my company's wireless router.  My company uses an encrypted connection to the internet.  The overo eth0 and fedora eth0 interfaces are assigned IP addresses from the wireless router's DHCP.  On the fedora machine I opened firefox and the wireless router asked me for the server's authentication password.  I logged in and started browsing the web my fedora machine.  I also checked that yum is working correctly.  So the network connection is verified working correctly.

Then I connect to the overo using mini USB with my fedora machine.  I login, verify overo ifconfig eth0 has an ip address, and ping www.google.com.  Everything is working correctly.  I start an X11 session in overo, and VPN into overo from my fedora machine.  The destkop environment starts up correctly.  At this point I open midori, and again the wireless router asks me for the server's authentication password (this time for the overo).  I log in and I'm able to browse the web in midori.  I'm also now able to ftp into my personal ftp server. 

So, at this point I think I should be able to install with opkg.  Is that correct?  But I'm unable to use opkg.  Every package I try to install comes up as Unknown package ' '.  Any help would be much appreciated

-Louis Morda
 SAIC Computer Scientist