I was wondering if you had tried this !!! http://www.sleepyrobot.com/?p=210

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Thanks a lot for your reply ....... I think I might do the same!!!! I think you just saved me a lot of hassle!!!

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 9:03 PM, zoso1234 [via Gumstix] <[hidden email]> wrote:
I've sorta given up for now on getting it to work on 3.2/3.5. I get all the modules to load but getting the correct media-ctl/omap-isp pipeline to work is impossible. It works fine for SGRBG10 or whatever it is but for any other format it won't work. If I look at "media-ctl -p" I think some of the pads are incorrect because they expect very large image formats. When I do a media-ctl -v "command" to switch my isp-resizer or isp-preview for any other format like UYVY like this "OMAP3 ISP preview":1[UYVY 752x480], "OMAP3 ISP resizer":1[UYVY 752x480]' it expects images in the range of 1022x1022 when i request a diff. size. I've tried Y12, YUYV,etc

I was frustrated with it so I reverted back to 2.6.34. That I can get to work and doesn't require many silly tricks. The driver is near 100% when requested 640x480 at around 25 FPS. But I just changed the size of image to a smaller and it limits the CPU.  I would like to know if the new drivers and kernel have made it possible to stream at lower CPU but I'll have to wait for one of the guru's to post on how to do it.

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