On May 27, 2012 2:40 AM, "btgalush" <> wrote:
This is a e-con systems v4l2 driver bug best I can tell.  I have experienced
the issue as well.

If you add:

either before or after v4l2src (try both) it should work.
--gst-debug=0 v4l2src
v4l2src --gst-debug=0

If you change anything in the pipeline, you may have to move the
--gst-debug=0 to the other side of v4l2src.  (And I mean anything, like
changing the destination IP from to

I'm very aware this sounds absurd, but it has fixed the issue for me.  We
are still trying to track down where in the driver code this issue is

Someone had the same issue here:

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