Thank you for the offer, unfortunately I am not able to move to a different camera due to the physical requirements of this project. The device I am trying to build has VERY tight size limits. The econ camera is actually bigger than I would like, but it is the smallest /best shape for my goals.

The problem I have with an image is that I can't get one to boot. I can't even get a cloned copy of the econ systems card to boot (created via dd). I suspect the problem stems more from a problem with my microsd cards than the image I am trying to load (the image built without error and has all indications of being boot able).

Thus my request for a known good microsd card, even if it had the most basic econ Camera version of the jump now tek image on it.  I would be happy to pay the retail cost of the card, shipping and pay for the time spent building and testing the card. If someone has the same camera and could test it, so much the better.

Again,  thank you for the assistance.


On Mar 19, 2013 8:31 AM, "Florian Vaussard" <florian.vaussard@epfl.ch> wrote:

On 03/19/2013 12:27 PM, Daniel Turner wrote:> Hello everyone...
I've been trying to get an econsystems 5mp camera to work on an overo
fire for awhile now.

Is the econ camera a mandatory requirement? I used the 3.2mp module in the
past (ov3640). The driver was not mainlined, and pretty crappy on most points.
And I was stuck to an old kernel (2.6.34), even if I managed in the past to port
the driver to more recent kernels. On the other hand, I see that a driver
for your chip (ov5642) is available in the mainline kernel (since 24/6/2011).
So you may have some successes with this one.

In your situation, I would compile a recent kernel (like 3.8 which is the
latest stable), and put ARM Ubuntu as rootfs on top of it to decrease the
development time, as all packages are already compiled and available through
apt-get. Then have a look at the documentation on tidspbridge to interface
with the dsp, and install the corresponding gstreamer plugin.

Unfortunately, I am too busy to help you directly, and I am now using a Caspa
camera. This means a different driver (mt9v032), and different
problems. If you can switch to this camera, I am willing to share the
image with you, as I did exactly what you want.

Best regards,