Hello everyone...
I've been trying to get an econsystems 5mp camera to work on an overo fire for awhile now.

I want it to stream over wifi via gstreamer.

Using the microsd that came with the camera I can capture stills and video in jpg, but any attempt at using h264 to encode returns errors that seem to indicate the camera driver doesn't exposed the correct interface.

I have worked with roadnarrows support on this, and have tried the pipelines they have provided. It appears they are using a different os load and have not responded to requests to discuss the details of that os load.

I have tried to load the console images from jump now Tekapo but I get boot loader errors during boot - I suspect there is a problem with my microsd cards (I can't even get a copy of the econ microsd to boot, same error, created via dd).

I'm tired of working on this project and have all but accepted defeat.

In fact, I have not touched the project in months.

As a final plea, before I box up almost $1000 in parts...

Could I pay someone for an sd card that is known to boot a copy of the os that will encode the econ systems 5mp camera via dsp using gstreamer?

My application doesn't require any specific os version, I just need to load a custom python script and have wifi access to the device.

Thanks for your time...