New to gumstix so this may be irrelevant,  but I had some problems with wlan1 pulling a dhcp address, after it associated with the ap. The fix for me was to run networking restart (i dont recall the exact path to the script. ) from a new S99 script in rd5.d. now the overo boots and is accessible via wifi in about 60 seconds.

On May 1, 2012 1:18 PM, <> wrote:
Trying to get the iron storm up and running using the prebuilt binaries.    The wlanX interface takes 3 minutes or more to come up.   I did a lot of googleing and was able to get rid of the error message in the console but it was still very slow to come up.   

Did anyone ever solve this?   If so can someone loan me a clue and point me to URL?

--Thanks for your time,

David Moffatt.

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