Hi Peter, I just tried the console image (Dylan) and yes you are right none of the configured interfaces come up automatically. I need to do ifup manually on each boot. The network.service is broken too. 
I'm putting back systemd-compat-units to the console recipe and will try it out today.

Thanks for your insight,


On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 11:32 AM, Peter A. Bigot [via Gumstix] <[hidden email]> wrote:
As I understand it there are three primary options for networking under

* sysvinit-style init scripts (/etc/network/interfaces) via init-ifupdown
* connman
* network-manager

The default images supply only the sysvinit solution (which is
init-ifupdown in dylan/yocto-1.4), but the default systemd masks out
(hard-disables) the service that would use them because it's not
compatible with either connman or network-manager.  Although I believe
gumstix-xfce-image adds network-manager as a side effect of including
the applet for it, gumstix-console-image at least as I'm building it
does not include an alternative network solution so nothing gets enabled
on boot.

If systemd-compat-units is installed (which it should be), you can
configure to enable networking on boot with these commands:

   systemctl unmask networking.service
   systemctl enable networking.service
   systemctl start networking.service

(The last step is only required to start it immediately; "enable" makes
sure it's started in future sessions.)

However, gumstix-console-image (unlike core-image-lsb) does not include
chkconfig which is needed for the second step to work (FYI: you need
libnewt and slang as well if you're installing the rpms by hand instead
of re-baking an image).

If you're not going to use connman or network-manager you still need to
make sure /etc/network/interfaces has the configuration you want.  To
provide a custom interfaces file you now need to bbappend to
init-ifupdown rather than to netbase as was the case in pre-dylan Yocto
releases.  See:

Last I reviewed the situation connman and Network-Manager were slugging
it out for supremacy.  I haven't checked recently to see who's coming
out on top.

meta-gumstix will at least have to add chkconfig to its installed
packages; whether it should also add connman requires some thought.

(If you're not using dylan the solution is still probably something like


On 08/17/2013 07:44 PM, Paul D. DeRocco wrote:

> I'm running a modified gumstix-console-image on an Overo AirStorm, and I
> can't get the WiFi to connect. The build includes NetworkManager, but
> doesn't appear to have the alternative ifup/ifdown commands.
> Apparently, NetworkManager is supposed to try to figure out the
> preexisting network configuration, so I edited /etc/network/interfaces and
> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf according to my needs, and rebooted, but nothing
> connected.
> By stopping NetworkManager and manually running ifconfig, iwconfig and
> wpa_supplicant, I can get to the point where it's in communication with my
> router, but running dhclient doesn't give me an address.
> Since this is a console build, do I need to remove NetworkManager and
> include some other package in order to use the ifup/ifdown style tools? Or
> is there a way to configure NetworkManager from the command line?

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