Good evening gzp.

First and foremost I apologize for not promptly responding to your earlier post.
As of the state of SGX, I am sorry to let you know that there has not been much progress. There are a number of things that need to be aligned for this to work (such as driver binaries/source, compatible kernel, user space modules and etc) and quite frankly I haven't had the time to sit down and really dig into it. My apologies and I understand your frustration.
And as per the lack of software support, it is my understanding that our hardware is sold as-is (I am not familiar with the exact legal terms).  However, at the moment yes we do feel your concern and (although it's not happening fast enough) we are trying to deliver software that can best utilize our hardware.


On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 4:41 PM, gzp <> wrote:
Dear Gumstix,

How is that you cannot create an OS distribution that supports your hardware
with all its features ? There are other devices on the market with all kind
of distros. Ex. the new raspberry PI (though I doubt if the device is as
good/fast as it is said), it has just came out and has at least 2,3
completely different WORKING! distro. Or the pandaboard which really rocks.
(It has WORKING Android ics as well). etc.

At first your device was promising, but actually it is just a junk on the
shelf.  There are some guys out there, making a great job (thanks Sakoman,
Pansenti, and the others). But as I see, they are NOT part of the gumstix
org, and once they say bye, there will be no OS.

It is great that they were able to create all kind of hacks to get some of
the features working, but why don't YOU guys at the gumstix do this job? If
you can't, hire someone who knows more about embedded linux kernel and oe.
It's good to have the community, but don't wait for them to do your job.
It's good that if they fix some bugs for you or port other packages (like
gnome, xorg, etc), but a (stable) kernel and driver set shall be a base for
them. It's so annoying that, instead of working on the real project I have
to hack and read lot's of forums to get anything working. I've really-really
regretted that I choose your device. The HW might be good, but the provided
SW is a ZERO.

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