Hello Peter, this is Adam who made those commits. I was supposed to be committing to my own repository, not to the official Gumstix Github. My mistake! Will clean up this morning.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 12:43 AM, Peter A. Bigot <pab@pabigot.com> wrote:
I've used Open Embedded (OE-Classic and OE-Core) for more than a year, but
have only started playing with Gumstix hardware in the last week. I'm
trying to get a handle on the best approach moving forward for a build
environment for Gumstix now that the previous OE-Classic approach from
git://gitorious.org/gumstix-oe/mainline.git is outdated.

I see signs that the repo-based solution documented at
http://gumstix.org/software-development/open-embedded/209-yocto.html and
https://github.com/gumstix/Gumstix-YoctoProject-Repo is not ready for prime
time and/or is in a state of flux.  Evidence includes:

* that following the instructions for using repo to get the dev branch

  fatal: manifest 'default.xml' not available
  fatal: remote adam-lee not defined in /tmp/.repo/manifests/default.xml

* that the upstream repository git://github.com/gumstix/meta-gumstix has
   some apparently bogus (or at least unreviewed) commits on its master

  commit 7cefa67ee3607cfd2ef8e4d1f17da9c455c1aeb0
  Author: Ubuntu <ubuntu@ip-10-248-69-145.us-west-2.compute.internal>
  Date:   Tue Nov 20 17:26:04 2012 +0000

     Added a/ b/ prefixes to the file name

  commit 0a95f459e1cf686e50c55982f8bef0198ec74d11
  Author: Ubuntu <ubuntu@ip-10-248-69-145.us-west-2.compute.internal>
  Date:   Tue Nov 20 17:06:26 2012 +0000

     Aaaah please work!

  commit b7c3c47fefea583ebec5dc60a2ab9200f02803a3
  Author: Ubuntu <ubuntu@ip-10-248-69-145.us-west-2.compute.internal>
  Date:   Tue Nov 20 00:30:13 2012 +0000

     Oops, gave it a wrong file name =(

* that the current image release at
   http://cumulus.gumstix.org/images/angstrom/developer/yocto/ does not
   provide the equivalent to oe-commit-id.txt, so can't be reproduced.

There was also the discussion at
suggesting that there will be both a meta-gumstix (for things like image
recipes) and meta-gumstix-bsp (for things like u-boot and linux).

Alternatives I'm considering are:

* branching off Angstrom and adding meta-gumstix-community, which so
   far is the only experiment that's been completely successful;

* using Poky with or without the current meta-gumstix repo environment;

* using OE-core with meta-gumstix but overriding the BSP portions with
   content from meta-gumstix-community.

My questions:

* Can I trust that the material in the master branch of
   git://github.com/gumstix/meta-gumstix has been reviewed and will never be
   rebased?  If not, I won't use it.

* Any recommendations from those who've been doing Gumstix-specific projects
   for more than one week?

Thanks for any insight.


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