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Getting both DSP and SGX on a recent kernel is very challenging at the moment. It is something I (personally) definitely want to get working. You are right that Yocto is the way to go with this, but it requires more than just *correct* layers. You likely have to delve into kernel source and driver binaries/sources and as well as the user space modules. Getting the drivers built is one thing, but getting user space API is another. 

Sorry this wasn't probably the answer you were looking for!
However I am also as interested in getting this combination working.


On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 8:32 AM, js <> wrote:

I'm new to gumstix, but have some experience from other projects. I've tried
to get a repo that has the DSP, GLES, and XSERVER support in it. I need no
QT, nor some other fancy top level features. From the threads, it seemed as
the YOCTO is the way to go, but could not get a working version.

(I've checked the factory defaults and they seems to be far outdated.)

I've tried poky/danny + meta_ti  + meta_sakoman + meta_gumstix +
meta_gumstix_community + meta_pansenti with all kind of combination.

The most I could get was a built the xserver (+ xfce) , a built SGX driver
for kernel 3.2. The libGLES also compiled but during the package process it
failed on QA with some /usr/lib reference.

Could someone help me and point me to the "correct" layer combinations (as
most, or some of the  readme in the layers are outdated: ex
meta_texasinstrument exists no more, but there is a meta_ti instead)

Thanks a lot.

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