Hello Yonatan, sorry to hear things aren't working as well as they should. 

Which Yocto image have you tried? And how does it not boot? I'm testing the Yocto images right now and would love to get wlan and BT working if they aren't working properly before we release the new Gumstix BSP layers. Perhaps the good starting point is the announcement I posted earlier today.



On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 5:45 AM, Yonatan Broza [via Gumstix] <[hidden email]> wrote:

We've been trying to setup our new Overo AirSTORM COM for several weeks now. Our requirements are to at least setup Wifi WLAN client and Bluetooth PAN AP.

We tried:
* The official Linaro Ubuntu - we were unable to get the bluetooth device to show (using hcitool). We suspect a missing or defective device driver.
* Yocto - there is a long list of images for download. Those we tried simply did not boot.
* Angstrom - using the latest stable image, we could get Wifi to work with a static IP address (DHCP failed). After many attempts we managed pair with another Bluetooth device but only when running bluetoothd in a foreground debug mode. We were, however, unable to setup PAN (even when following the wiki page) due to a security error response in hcidump output.

In an attempt to fix problems and add necessary kernel modules, we also tried to build the stable Angstrom version kernel but failed (see mailing list post).

We are surprised that these basic features apparently do not work out of the box and by the apparent lack of official fully functional software builds and documentation.

We would appreciate any suggestions.


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