Hi all,

I am currently evaluating a Gumstix Overo board with OMAP 3630 and I need to use the H264 encoder with GStreamer.

I've tried both the Linaro and the Yocto pre built images and none of them come with any GStreamer plugin that could potentially leverage the hardware (gst-ducati, gst-omx, gst-openmax, gstreamer-ti).

I've tried building the gst-omx module on the board but there's no OpenMax components installed by default on the board either. I installed the gst-ducati  elements (which use libdce) from tiomap-dev PPA for Linaro but they fail when trying to connect to the X11 server with a DRI2..something function.

So I ended up trying to get the gstreamer-ti elements on the board. As the default Yocto image does no integrate them, I had to add the layer and try to get the gstreamer-ti recipe in there but it seems to break all over the place when building with bitbake...

I am completely lost.. What is the correct way to get an H264 encoder using GStreamer on this board ?

Thanks in advance for you help...


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