Coincidentally, I'm investigating the DM3730 DVSDK from Texas Instruments on a DM3730 (IronSTORM) right now, trying to stream video in BT.656 mode from a TVP5150 on a custom baseboard.  Supposedly it is possible.

TI has tvp51xx drivers available in the arago project.

You need Codesourcery gnu eabi toolchain to bitbake arago recipes.

My plan is to try installing the dev kit on my DM3730, then compile the TVP5150 driver under the arago-codesourcery environment, and install it with insmod.  Hopefully I can use it as a video source with the TI-gstreamer plugins, and then add in my audio stream, compression, and send it out to the network.

That's about the extent of my experience with this.  I welcome any ideas or pointers you might have.

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 6:35 AM, rklosinski <> wrote:
Just purchased a e-CAMNT_35x_GSTIX from e-con systems. It has a pre-built
linux-2.6.32 and can display a image on a connected dvi panel. I need to
stream the image using gstreamer and have successfully built and used 2.6.34
and a caspa camera with gsteamer.

I also found the drivers in a number of places on the net for the tvp514x
(which the e-CAMNT-35X uses).

How to I get the drivers built into my 2.6.34 linux? e-con systems want
$6.4k to port the driver and I simply cannot afford that for this project.

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