I have researched these questions as well as my limited experience will allow, so I apologize if I am doing a re-post.

I have one basic question about bitbake that I cannot find answers to here 
or here 

I understand that there are a lot of unique 'recipes' such as base-image, x11-image, jimslinux, uboot-base, and a billion others, each with their own combination of software.  $"bitbake recipe-here" compiles the software listed in them into an image for a given Overo or Beagleboard, or any other board.  Where is there a list of recipes with the explanation of what is in each recipe? Let's say (hypothetically) I want to look for a recipe that has Gnome, and java, and ethernet support, but nothing else.  How would I look for it?

Secondly, I have followed the instructions in the openembedded usermanual, since I was hoping to be able to create recipes for both a craneboard and an overo.  I figured I would have to modify my local.conf file somewhat, depending on what I what my target is.  However, after following the directions exactly, and installing all the pre-requisite software, bitbake doesn't seem to work at all.

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/openembedded$ git pull
Already up-to-date.

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/openembedded$ bitbake
NOTE: Handling BitBake files: - (0103/7216) [ 1 %]ERROR: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
NOTE: <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>: while evaluating:
ERROR:  while parsing /home/animal/OEBASE/openembedded/recipes/cacao/cacao-native_hg.bb
NOTE: Handling BitBake files: \ (7216/7216) [100 %]
NOTE: Parsing finished. 6437 cached, 452 parsed, 326 skipped, 0 masked.
ERROR: Parsing errors found, exiting...

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/openembedded$ echo $PATH

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/openembedded$ echo $BBPATH

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/build/conf$ cat local.conf
BBFILES := "/home/animal/OEBASE/openembedded/recipes/*/*.bb"
BBMASK = "/(nonworking|obsolete)/"
MACHINE = "am3517-crane"
DISTRO = "angstrom-2010.x"

animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE/build/conf$ cat /etc/*-release

Does anyone have any ideas on why the bitbake command fails with those <class 'bb.fetch.ParameterError'>, or can provide a suggestion of where I could start looking for errors? I found this same output text posted in a lot of places, but none of the forums offered a solution.  

The closest solution I found was on an atmel forum, here:
but this forum recommends using site.conf and oe_env.sh files, neither of which I have.
animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE$ find -name "site.conf"
animal@animal-linux:~/OEBASE$ find -name "oe_env.sh"

So... I am stuck D:

Nick Wernicke