Hi All!

I'm looking for a sollution on how to create a webcam server.

What I need is a device that is small, and capable of receiving video from
usb webcam and broadcasting this to a private LAN.

The chain will be something like this:

4 usb webcams -> 4 port usb hub -> small computer (gumstix?) -> ethernet
switch -> Laptop running some sort of Linux

The idea is that I should be able to choose which one of the 4 webcams the
small computer should broadcast at any time via an interface on the Laptop.
(I don't need all 4 broadcasted simultaneously) The laptop will allso be the
reciever of the broadcasted video. (I have people helping me with the Linux

Preferably the webcams would be 720p.

The laptop will be sitting 50-100 meters from the webcams. The ethernet
switch allso has an Arduino connected to it.

Will any of the gumstix be capable of doing this? The room where it located
is really small and there is not much space for anything bigger than the
Overo with a Tobi.

I feel the need to explain that this will not be a rig made to do anything
illegal like spying :) It's actually going to be on a small underwater ROV.

All input would be highly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!