For twelve years I was an embedded systems developer. I am now a grad student working on a concept for a class project. I am definitely in need of product selection help.

My team's project is a wearable computer that processes location and audio (both input and output).

I had thought our product selection would be as simple as:
  1. verdex pro™ XM4 COM Starter Pack
  2. GPSstix (includes audio in/out)
  3. GPS antenna (I'm in contact with another vendor for this)

However, I just learned that the Overo series is recommended for all new customers. The Gallop43 seems a bit large and does not seem to include the audio functionality of the GPSstix. It also seems to include rechargeable batteries; are these able to power an entire Gumstix stack?

What are my expansion board options in the Overo line for GPS and audio processing? What do I order to get up and running with a development environment?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,
Mike Karlesky