Hello,I see you are the professional in Gumstix and i'm newbie in Gumstix.I need some advice from you help me please.

1)I try to bitbike core-image-sato and i  got the prebuilt image in deploy dir but i couldn't see a uboot,MLO,uImage file in there.Can you tell me where to find it or i missed something (I did it by follow https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.html and i can run qemu but i dont know how to deploy it to my gumstix)

2)Or there is some complete plamtop image to download and deploy to my overo fire +chestnut +LCD if there are,please tell me where to download or some guideline.

3) I have ever try to download prebuilt image from gumstix website(both console and desktop image) and install to my gumstix it's a good boot but there's nothing appear in my LCD touch screen and when i try to change default display to LCD43 so i can't boot it  anymore(I need some gui)

4) My project is try to develop some java app to run in my gumstix but i'm newbie and so confuse like blind people.I don't know how to start with my java.Can you advice me for some basic step to run my java code with gui in my gumstix or some guideline.

Best regard.