Hi David,
I don't have a JTAG device so just a question.
For which board is you patched u-boot binary?
I have a new mmc card which is not recognozed by u-boot 1.1.1
So your work might be very helpfull.
It just depends on the gumstix youre using.
Below the command to update the u-boot partion of the flash.
(copied from a previous mail)



copy Uboot.bin to MMC

power up gumstix with MMC installed and get to Uboot prompt.

initialize MMC (mmcinit)

load Uboot image into RAM @ a2000000 (fatload mmc 1 a2000000 uboot.bin)

unprotect sector 0 of flash (protect off 0)

erase sector 0 of flash: (era 1:0)

copy image from RAM to flash (cp.b a2000000 0 $(filesize))

protect sector 0 (protect on 0)


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Attached is a u-boot binary which contains support for Secure Digital
and MMC memory cards.  This image corrects several errors with the
origional plus adds SD.
mmcinit now 100% 1st time all MMC cards I have, please test more..
card size is read and passed to fat fs no 32MB fake
partition table detected and 1st active passed to fat fs (not tested)
boot sector read to determine 1st actual sector.
Linux 2.6.9 seems to init the mmc card on its own, so most of the
above is useless for linux.  Next I will try to patch the kernel driver.
How do I diff against the repository?  I would rather send you the diff
that the sources.