2013/11/6 Felix Dahmen <felixdahmen@gmail.com>
Hey there!
Sorry but the question was asked in similar ways several times. i tried a lot on finding out on my own how all this cross compiling works but I faild. 

     Situation is: I have an Overo Tidalstorm and a thumbo module.
What i want is: to compile a simple C-program on my Ubuntu Desktop Host and then run it on the Tidalstorm Target. 
extra would be: I would like to do this in the Eclipse enviroment because I'm more used to it.

So now i went through most of the descriptions on the http://gumstix.org/ page and the wiki and Yocto project description and many more. 

After this i was just a bit smarter Because for me every description went far to deep in details I guess.  for example the cross-compiling section at gumstix.org just concerns the compiling of a whole Kernel but not how to do this for a simple program. 
I think the most easy description was about compiling the source code on the target whithout cross compiling it. But this is not what i want.

So I please you to give me a small step by step instruction on how to do the cross compiling and maybe how to debug it.

For me the Linux distribution doesn't matter so could be Angstrom, Linaro or Yocto(Poky). By the way what is the best one to start with. 

thanks a lot for the answer and I think that such a step by step guide would help many others as well.