First post here.

I have succeeded in getting the standard "bitbake omap3-console-image" built and now have moved on towards more customizable images. My end goal is to have a working system with an enabled DSP. I have been following multiple tutorials(pixhawk, etc) and have run into an area that I have not found much info on.

? When are modifications needed to be done to the x-load, kernel and u-boot?

 If I'm building a custom image say for instance:

this is a test-console-image.bb
# Personal test console image

require recipes/images/omap3-console-image.bb

IMAGE_INSTALL += "   opencv   gsl   pkgconfig   grep   dropbear   git   ncurses   boost   nano   screen  "

export IMAGE_BASENAME = "test-console-image"

and I do the bitbake on it, it builds with no errors. Do I need to change anything on how I build the x-load, kernel and u-boot? If I don't great but can any one link me to more on what each of those files do?