Hi Kai,

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 2:20 PM, flyingk <k.lehmkuehler@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I have the same problem on Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit I think - can't check at the
moment as the office is closed for Christmas) with the latest updates. I had
it working fine until a few weeks ago and then I did a "git pull", which
made some changes to the openssl stuff. Since then it is broken, I cannot
even re-build the console image without that failure. I don't know how to
undo the pull so I am stuck here, too.

You can undo the pull by identtifying the place that you want to backup to and then do:

    git reset --hard <commit>

Note: this will throw away any changes that you may have committed.

A less invasive way would be to setup a new branch at the commit point you want.

     git branch -a

will show you what branches exist, and a * will be beside the current one.

    git checkout -b branch-name <commit>

will create a new branch called "branch-name". If you do git log you'll see that HEAD is now at <commit>

You can switch back to the original branch by making sure your tree is clean (commiting any changes) and then doing

    git checkout <original-branch-name>

(saved from earlier when you did the git branch -a)
Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada