My bad!!!!!

I misused my power supply! I swapped the + & - polarity reason why it got warm and the Overo COM as well.

Regrading your question"preferred version “2.6.34” of linux-omap3 not available for kernel?" yes I got the same output.

I am trying to figure out how to create a bootable microSD Card for Omap3-console-image (u-boot, kernel), x-load (MLO), and the dsp-console-image on the same microSD Card. I got instruction here: but nothing is mentioned about the dsp image!!!

Alex, after building the dsp-console-image, I got the dsp-console-image-overo.tar.bz2 and  the dsp-console-image-overo.ubi; which one of these two images did you use to boot your dsp image? 

Please Alex if possible, send me the instructions that you used to create your bootable microSD Card for the dsp image.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 6:07 PM, zoso1234 [via Gumstix] <[hidden email]> wrote:

Are you just booting from sdcard or did you flash? I am assuming you are assuming using that image with DSP you made :) From my own experience with console-dsp images is that they take forever to boot from sd card initially. If you are using standard u-boot where it outputs every thing you can see that it has to configure a ton of should get to a point in the boot up like this:
Configuring update-modules.
Configuring kernel-image-3.0.0.
This is for me what takes forever(10 minutes or more maybe)! What I found was that if this stuff is not standard output you might run into a module with an error and you won't notice it and the boot up won't finish. Sometimes you can skip an error by doing ctrl-c and it will move on to next one. not always though.

I have no idea about your pwr source though..I use the one that they recommend. Also I use kermit instead of picocom.

Side note: For your dsp image..I believe you said you used 2.6.34 kernel..did you run into issues where it outputs : preferred version “2.6.34” of linux-omap3 not available for kernel? I have tried switching repo's and I still get this when trying to build the omap3-console-image.

thanks and good luck!

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