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My next problem though is due mostly to an unfamiliarity with building
According to jumpnow's  article on the button and LED controls
in order to use GPIO21 and GPIO22 as GPIO and not as LEDs (I will not be
using an expansion board on the final implementation) I have to disable
CONFIG_LEDS_GPIO in the kernel and rebuild it.

I have never built a kernel (though I have read through the yocto getting
started) and as such am struggling with what exactly I need to do to disable
CONFIG_LEDS_GPIO and would appreciate any information that can be provided.
While I'm in the process of modifying the kernel/u-boot parameters I would
also like to disable/remove the Wi/Fi, Bluetooth, and Touch Screen
configurations as we will only be using the console port and an ethernet
connection and as fast a boot time as is possible is desired.

I would just edit the board-overo file, which is a little different than what Scott talks about in that posting.  That would still leave the blue LED working.  I'm assuming you already worked thru the instructions on building the gumstix console image, listed here:


If that worked for you, then you can go into your build/tmp/overo-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-gumstix-3.5-x directory.  In that directory is a "git" directory where the kernel source is built.  You want to modify the board-overo.c file, which is in arch/arm/mach-omap2.

Remove the references in the gpio_led_gpio_leds[] struct which relate to the gpio 21 and 22.  You can also disable some of the other items you mentioned in this same file. 

Now force a re-compile of the kernel with "bitbake -c compile -f virtual/kernel".  The new uImage file will be in git/arch/arm/boot.

If you want to get more involved, before you edit board-overo.c, you can do a "quilt new my-changes.patch" and "quilt add arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-overo.c" before you edit the file.  Then after editing, do a "quilt refresh" and you will end up with a patch file that can be added to the existing kernel recipe to always apply your changes before building the kernel.