Hi Casey

Gumstix has just released the RoboVero board for robotics and mechatronics. There are a few RoboVero boards out now, particularly with several hobbyists and university groups.

The RoboVero page in the Gumstix wiki is key for developing with RoboVero as is this Gumstix community mailing list. There are some projects about robotics and UAV mentioned in the Wiki and also on Youtube, although it would seem that are none are about RoboVero...yet.

Don Anderson
@ Gumstix

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 9:33 AM, Casey St.Fleur <casey.stfleur@gmail.com> wrote:
Has anybody worked with the RoboVero or point me to any projects using
the RoboVero, Overo combo. I am currently using a Robostix, Verdex Pro
system for my robotic project and debating if I should switch to
RoboVero, Overo combo.


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